Unmanned Surveillance

Want surveillance but want to save time and money?

We often use creative methods to save you time and money. One of the recent changes in the industry and most utilized tactic in unmanned surveillance. We have the ability to setup unmanned cameras in many locations. Please keep in mind that 5 days of unmanned surveillance is financially equivalent to 1 full day of manned surveillance – this can drastically save you and/or your client money.

The unmanned system updates and improves with each new advancement in technology. Video documentation is recorded on the on-site DVR system and in most instances, is transmitted through cellular communications to our secure servers. When a 3G/4G signal is available the live video is monitored by our investigative team and is readily available for our clients to view online at their convenience 24/7.

Contact our office to schedule an evaluation for recommendations as to the best form of unmanned system for your specific case.

Unmanned surveillance can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Attain video of your subject working around his residence
  • Learn your subject’s schedule for optimum surveillance results
  • Learn your subject’s schedule for optimum surveillance results
  • Determine what exit the subject uses in his community
  • Learn with whom the subject resides and/or spends time
  • Learn who enters and exits the subject’s residence and/or place of employment

Examples of scenarios:

  • Pre-Surveillance Research: We can set up cameras the week before surveillance at the exits of a community to determine which way the target subject enters and exits the community. Cameras can be set up outside the target subject’s residence to determine the Subject’s routines and patterns; specifically, when the Subject enters and exits his/her home. Determining the Subject’s routine will allow for an investigator to provide a more detailed and accurate recommendation as to when surveillance should be conducted to obtain an optimal amount of activity from the Subject; thereby reducing the cost to the client.
  • Cohabitation/Difficult Service of Process: Unmanned surveillance can also be used to document who is living in a given residence in the event that the client requires face shots to prove cohabitation. Further, unmanned surveillance can be utilized when a person is evading service, to determine when the Subject enters and exits his residence so that the investigator can be at the residence at that exact time.
  • Business/Warehouse Monitoring: There have been instances wherein we have been able to use unmanned surveillance to gather actual evidence. Often times we are asked to document certain activity; however, the location makes it impossible for an actual investigator to surveil the property. As a result, we have used unmanned cameras to monitor a commercial yard as well as a business when using an actual investigator would have aroused the target Subject’s suspicions.

Between Surveillance Segments: Rather than pay for 24-hours of straight surveillance, we often recommend that our clients allow us to install unmanned cameras during times of low activity in between surveillance segments. This allows clients to save money and develop a more accurate understanding of the target Subject’s behavior and activity.

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