Record & Background Checks

Need to take a look at someone's background?

Record and Background Checks are a fundamental component of any Private Investigations Firm. Our Private Detectives have access to restricted, secure and dynamic data sources. Our Record and Background Checks and Investigations can be customized to our client’s need.

If you are simply looking for a narrow search to confirm or deny information, we can do that, but we also offer deep dive research and can provide detailed profiles on the subject in question.

Regardless of your requirement, you’ll receive a professional and well-organized report containing any information we uncovered in your case. Many people believe a Background Check or Record Check is just a simple online search. While it is true, technology has come a very long way and Private Detectives do rely on online databases and internet web searches, there are millions of documents and relevant records that are still not being digitized and many millions more historical records that haven’t been input into the system.

Some cases will require a Private Investigator physically go to a courthouse, visit a county clerk, go to a library, a government agency, a press / media organization or other physical location. Part of our job is knowing where to look for information, whether in hard copy or in electronic format.

Also, just because we access databases doesn’t mean they are available to anyone. In fact, Private Investigation Firms must go through a comprehensive vetting process to gain access to these secure information sources. Vestigo Detective Agency is fully licensed, bonded and insured in order to be able to conduct these types of investigations.

We also have seen viewpoints from people who believe a background search is just “googling”. This makes us smile as if it were only that simple. There are methods to search the internet for data and intelligence most people would miss and never see. There are also methods we use to find valuable information on the “deep web”.

Our Background and Record Check Investigation may uncover:

  • Current and past Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Criminal History (Including Sex Offender Status)
  • Aliases and other names associated with a Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Education, Degrees Academic Credentials
  • Relatives
  • Relationship Status
  • Memberships in Organizations / Hobbies
  • Friends and Associates
  • Locations Frequented
  • True Date of Birth
  • Vehicle Ownership (Also may include Watercraft and Aircraft)
  • Property Ownership with Property Value Information
  • Military History
  • Business and Corporate Ownership
  • Involvement in Professional Associations
  • Employment Data and Professional Licenses
  • Lawsuits
  • Bankruptcies, Judgements, Liens and Tax Liens
  • And much more

The time and effort it can take to complete a Background Check will vary from client to client. The scope of the subject will impact how long it may be before our investigators and researchers complete the task. This will also depend on how in-depth you wish to go.

The information we receive from our client in the beginning will also impact how quickly we can complete the case.

Our Licensed Professional Investigators are experienced in gathering information to produce high quality and relevant reports. You’ll receive all available information on the subject of our investigation. Often our efforts will uncover information and a client will make a decision to investigate further. Given that Vestigo provides a full spectrum investigative solutions, our team can easily transition a Background or Records Search into a full investigation.

Ultimately, it will take a Private Investigator going out into the field and following up on this data to confirm its veracity and that is what may require additional investigative steps beyond a Background Check and Records Search. Please know the difference and be prepared to discuss these differences with your Investigator.

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