People Locate & Skip Trace

Need to find someone?

Finding people is one of the most fundamentally important things any Private Investigator can do. Our full service Private Investigation Agency is prepared to use a variety of investigative means to find who you are looking for. These cases could be solved by conducting a basic Background Check or Records Search, but could also require significant field work, including Surveillance or in-depth Research and Analysis. These cases are often called Locates or Skip Tracing by Private Detectives.

Our Licensed Professional Investigators are hired from the most elite groups of Law Enforcement, Specialized Private Sector Fields and the U.S. Military. In most cases, finding people was their job for many years.

Our team has experience Locating persons of interest in the following cases:

  • Witness Location / Defendant Location
  • Persons owing Debts or as part of Asset Investigations (Finding Assets is similar to finding people)
  • Process Serving
  • Repossessions
  • Bail Bond and Fugitive Recovery Operations
  • Deadbeat Parents

Sometimes we are looking for people who aren’t hiding from anyone or anything and sometimes we are searching for people who don’t want to be found or have taken steps to remain anonymous. Either way, they almost always leave a trail. This trail can be electronic and we follow the clues in the digital world or it may require some serious field work to track them down. We find most cases require some of both.

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