Infidelity Investigations

Do you suspect your significant other has been cheating on you?

Cheating, infidelity, stepping out; it can go by many names. If you suspect your significant other may be unfaithful, you are best served taking steps to determine if this is actually the case. Our Private Investigators will provide you peace of mind and we’ll provide you the answers you need.

We understand people can come to us in some of the most difficult points in their lives. We guarantee our Licensed Private Detectives will handle your case with compassion, confidentiality and our Agency will do everything we can to help you through the process. Vestigo Detective Agency is licensed, bonded and insured to operate anywhere in the State of Pennsylvania.

The following are indicators and signs your significant other may be cheating on you:

  • Trust your gut instincts. Respond and listen to your intuition. You may be right or it could be a misunderstanding; either way, you need to know.
  • Spending longer hours at their office or workplace.
  • Not reachable via phone, e-mail or social media.
  • Becoming more secretive or guarded with their location, activities and whereabouts.
  • Obsession with his / her cell phone. If someone is extra guarded with their mobile device, this is a sign.
  • Use of Mobile Device at times he / she wouldn’t normally be active. Are they changing or hiding their passwords from you?
  • Do you see any sign of deleted text messages or other information?
  • Changes in financial activity; you may see odd charges to a credit or debit card. Noticeable cash withdrawals can be used to mask where the money is going.
  • Are they looking for more “space” or “free time” to be with themselves or their friends?
  • He / She becomes increasingly concerned with their physical appearance and clothing. Maybe buying nicer cloths or spending more time at the gym.
  • Are they asking about your schedule more than they used to?
  • Asking questions and receiving vague or very general answers about where they were and what they were doing.
  • A cheating spouse or significant other may try to deflect anger or questions back to the innocent party or become more distant in the relationship.
  • Changes in sex life can be a red flag.
  • Do you get the sense there may be something going on that you aren’t aware of, but other people are? Often social circles may have awareness of the impropriety, but still leave you in the dark.

If you suspect your mate may be cheating, it can be tough. There may be an urge to go and act immediately yourself to get to the bottom of what’s going on. We strongly recommend against this course of action. It can be risky and not only would you be putting yourself in possible danger, but what you discover may hold very little value in any future legal proceedings.

We can use a variety of investigative methods and the most up to date equipment to provide you resolution on your case. Our personnel specialize in these types of cases and have spent thousands of hours conducting Surveillance operations. Once you make contact with us, we’ll provide you a tailored solution based on the exact nature of your case. Our philosophy is to provide the truth to our clients while giving you the best customer service possible.

Prior to beginning traditional surveillance operations, our investigators may recommend you look into taking advantage of GPS Vehicle Tracking to both lower costs and increase the accuracy of the information we can provide you at the end of our investigation.

At the completion of your case, you will know whether or not your significant other is cheating. You will have evidence proving this one way or the other.

If you are ready to take the next step, call us or e-mail right now and we can get you on the phone with a Licensed Professional Investigator who is familiar with these types of cases and will be absolutely sympathetic to your needs.

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