Employee Misconduct Investigations

Need to find misconduct information on an employee?

Employee misconduct can cost a business significant money and open them up to litigation and other threats. Our comprehensive and customized record and Background Check can work to eliminate some of these threats prior to them becoming an issue for you, but there will always be employees who cause problems without any notice. Our Private Investigators are experienced in working Employee Misconduct cases and can give you the support you need to solve the problem.

Our Private Detectives come from a variety of backgrounds in Specialized Private Sector Fields, Law Enforcement and the U.S. Military. Our vetted and qualified professionals can work with your Human Resources and Security Departments to investigate Employee Misconduct cases.

Bringing in a third and uninterested party can get you the results you need and increase the viability of the information obtained during the course of our investigation. All investigations conducted by our Firm are carried out with the idea the information will eventually go to trial or a related legal proceeding. Evidence documented by an independent third party will carry significantly more weight in your legal proceeding if you have any legal encounters associated with the employee or employees in question.

If you suspect an employee of the following or already have developed initial evidence to confirm any of the following, please contact one of our Licensed Professional Investigators immediately:

  • Workplace violence of any kind.
  • Discrimination, harassment or bullying of co-workers, customers or third parties.
  • A claim by another employee of a hostile work environment.
  • Lying or being dishonest; this is one of the most significant red flags for any organization and cannot be tolerated. It doesn’t matter if it’s lying on time cards, faking sick days, or just white lying about simple things, it must be viewed with suspicions and they should be investigated immediately.
  • Fraud, theft, embezzlement or other Financial Crimes. If you have money missing or unaccounted for, you and your company have major problems.
  • Malingering or filing false Workers Compensation Claims.
  • Conducting personal activities during business hours.
  • Gross negligence or insubordination, including willful disregard for rules or guidelines.
  • Damage to company property or damage to customer or third party property.
  • Use of company time or resources for personal gain or personal reasons.
  • Explosive or angry outbursts; especially if repeated.
  • Notable health and safety violations.
  • Any repeated or notable ethics violations.
  • Excessive tardiness or missing a number of days of work.
  • Any relationships developed in the workplace and specifically barred by company policy.
  • Coming to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Any crime committed, even if outside of work.
  • Failure of drug tests or identified narcotics use; any time an employee fails a test for drugs or is identified using drugs, even if outside of work, you need to conduct a damage assessment and determine if your company has been compromised in any way.

If you believe you have Loss Prevention issues associated with your employees, we can provide the means to identify and prevent this activity through Electronic Surveillance and other means.
Retaining the services of our Vestigo Detective Agency to investigate these matters can save you significant time and money. Our interest is protecting yours. We’ll use all of the Investigative Specialties at our disposal to work an employee misconduct case.

Often we’ve found a company will look to us to find hard evidence of the employee misconduct prior to terminating the employee. This strategy can pay dividends if you are able to produce solid evidence and dissuade the employee from taking any legal action following their termination.

If you own a business, have an ownership or leadership position in a business, lead an HR Department or a Security Division, please don’t hesitate to contact one of Licensed Professional Investigators via phone or e-mail. Our customer service is second-to-none and you can always count on our confidentiality.

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