Child Custody & Welfare Investigations

Are you unhappy with your child custody arrangements?

Many individuals have concerns about the custody of their children and what happens during custodial visits. If you are seeking more information and looking to make a change to custody arrangements, child custody surveillance is probably the way to go. Private investigators at Vestigo Detective Agency routinely take child custody investigations.

Put our expertise and experience to work for you. Private investigators at Vestigo Detective Agency can review past case documentation, conduct surveillance, complete background and criminal record checks, find and obtain witness interviews, consult with law enforcement and other providers and make case recommendations. Private investigators at Vestigo Detective Agency are also able to testify to their findings in both family and criminal court.

Protect your children, protect yourself.


  • Teen Checks – The teen years can be some of the toughest. For many teens, they get by with minor problems. But in other cases, the safety of your teen can be of concern. In those cases, Vestigo Detective Agency’s private investigators are able to check on your teen’s well-being. Private investigators at Vestigo can anonymously and discreetly check on your child / teenager’s activities with surveillance documentation. Sleep better and find out if they are safe and are engaging in healthy, age appropriate activities.
  • Nanny Checks – Concerned for the safety of your children while in care of the nanny you hired? Private investigators at Vestigo Detective Agency can help you install nanny cams, conduct background investigations and surveillance to document the care of your children. Vestigo Detective Agency conducts investigations discretely and will provide you the information you need to keep your children safe and well cared for.

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