Aerial Photography

Aerial Footage for Critical Intelligence Gathering

Drone technology provides an aerial view and visual depictions that were previously unattainable. Vestigo Detective Agency will offer our clients the advantage of aerial drone technology in the near future. This technology is situation-critical for gathering intelligence for: investigators, first responders, accident reconstructions, roof inspections, scene investigations – and more.

With scene and fatality investigations, we are your eyes and ears on the ground and in the air, gathering the facts to help determine exactly what happened. With the assistance of Vestigo Detective Agency, you’ll receive scene photos and aerial footage as we fly the drone over the scene and trace the path of events. We can combine that information with accident reconstruction, if necessary, to produce a visual depiction of the scene and the corresponding circumstances or events that led up to the accident. Ultimately, this technology will allow us to gather better information for our clients.

The proper use of drones by professionally-trained operators is an exciting service that we will be providing to the insurance industry. Drones can easily inspect areas that are not accessible from the ground, providing quicker and more accurate information.
Vestigo Detective Agencies drone services can assist with:

  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Large Loss Investigations
  • Catastrophe Claim Work
  • Roof Inspections
  • Disaster Site Surveys

The Insurance Industry’s Most Effective Technology Tool

  • Improved risk assessment. Drones offer a cost-effective way to access risks – particularly for large sites and multi-story buildings – to facilitate more accurate pricing, rating, and loss control.
  • Claims adjustment after catastrophes or natural disasters. Rather than sending a team of adjusters into potentially dangerous territory, insures could deploy drones to survey post-disaster damage – for faster claims adjustment and resolution, better customer service and more accurate estimation of losses.
  • Claims adjustment for large or complex sites. Again, it can be more efficient and effective for drones, rather than people, to survey large or complex facilities. In principle, drones can also get closer to relevant features to obtain photos, without having to touch (and potentially damage) the site. Further, GPS tracking ensures that the photos have exact coordinates for where they were taken.

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