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Vestigo Detective Agencies team of experienced private investigators provides insurance companies with a full range on investigative tools. Whether it’s workers’ compensation, automotive, medical, personal injury or virtually any other type of insurance claim. Our investigators will document the activities of the subject via advanced private investigation surveillance techniques and provide the evidence gathered you need to make an informed decision whether to approve or deny the claim, as well as prosecute for possible fraud.

Vestigo Detective Agency provides surveillance and social media investigations, as well as statements from claimants, witnesses, and co-workers. Telephone interviews can only provide so much information; our statement specialists frequently conduct interviews at the claimant's residence, providing additional insight into their current lifestyle, activities, and alleged injury.

Some Services we Provide Include


Nothing in the anti-fraud arsenal can combat a potential fraudulent claim like the close observation of a claimant. Effective insurance surveillance can help mitigate the exposure on even the toughest claims, and this is where Vestigo shines. Combine 80% video hit percentage with high definition cameras and the industry's best investigators, the results will amaze you.

Social Media Investigations

Our highly trained social media and internet investigators can find and capture the information on your Subject. Whether it is a workers’ compensation, personal injury, or liability case, our investigators will capture the information you need to make the decision to move forward with surveillance. We provide you a detailed report with the captured information to aid in your decision making.

Unmanned Surveillance

We often use creative methods to save you time and money. One of the recent changes in the industry and most utilized tactic in unmanned surveillance. We have the ability to setup unmanned cameras in many locations. Please keep in mind that 5 days of unmanned surveillance is financially equivalent to 1 full day of manned surveillance – this can drastically save you and/or your client money.

SIU Services

Our Special Investigations Unit can assist you with a variety of services including activity checks, written / recorded statements, accident scene investigations, and more. Contact Vestigo Detective Agency for more information.

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