Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations require the appropriate resources and tools to deliver results. Do you need to uncover fraud or need assistance with risk management? We can help.

Employee theft is a very serious issue that affects hundreds of Pittsburgh and surrounding area businesses which results in Corporate Investigations. Vestigo Detective Agency understand how frustrating it can be for business owners to deal with dishonest employees and our private investigators are trained and educated on common employee theft schemes and fraudulent behavior. While each theft case is different, some theft cases include: pretending to be sick and claiming sick time, while being in good health; stealing merchandise or money; violating non-compete agreements; utilizing company time to run personal errands; sleeping on the job, etc Vestigo Detective agency is able to assist business owners by conducting Corporate Investigations which include surveillance, placing hidden spy cameras at the business location, going undercover to document fraud within the organization, and even performing spot checks to determine employee activity. Our private detectives will also be able to assist the business owner with reporting illegal activities to the police and by providing court testimony.

Some Services we Provide Include

GPS Tracking Image

GPS Tracking

Small businesses often have difficulty managing their employees, especially when those employees perform work away from the office. Construction workers, delivery drivers, and installation specialists can cause unnecessary expenses to your business. When you use GPS tracking, you can track company vehicles to make sure they are only used for authorized projects, prevent employees from logging overtime that they did not actually work, Log activity when employees leave the job site early, and many more.

Background Checks

Record and Background Checks are a fundamental component of any Private Investigations Firm. Our Private Detectives have access to restricted, secure and dynamic data sources. Our Investigations can be customized to meet your needs. See our background service information for more details.


When you suspect an employee(s) of theft, illegal activities or inappropriate relationships we work to find the proof or evidence by using various employee surveillance techniques. Our specialized service offers experienced investigators that have the in-depth expertise to know where to look and how to proceed every step of the way to ensure protection of the company.

Employee Misconduct Investigations

Employee misconduct can cost a business significant money and open them up to litigation and other threats. Our comprehensive and customized record and Background Check can work to eliminate some of these threats prior to them becoming an issue for you, but there will always be employees who cause problems without any notice. Our Private Investigators are experienced in working Employee Misconduct cases and can give you the support you need to solve the problem.

Secret Shopper

Are the employees at your restaurant providing customers with free food or drinks, or taking extended breaks? Are your sales employees really providing top-notch service? Is the work environment kept neat, orderly, and safe? No matter what kind of business you are running, Vestigo can document how your employees are behaving behind your back.

Skip Tracing

Do you need to track down a renter who disappeared without paying rent or an employee who fled with your cash? Through our expert private investigator service, we can help locate a person whose contact information is not immediately known.

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